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Three Gifford Community Council (GCC) Initiatives


Canvassing residents support for 3 local initiatives


  1. Traffic Calming. (Entering & leaving the village)
  2. Tennis Courts
  3. Gifford Lunch Club for older residents


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 Forbes Lodge

Edinburgh Road


East Lothian EH41 4JE


Note of Meeting 

Gifford Community Council - Traffic Calming

Meeting held at Forbes Lodge - 3rd September 2017

17.15 – 17.40 (25 minutes)

Present: Wendy Fergusson, Nick Morgan and Andrew Hamilton.

  1. Meeting agreed that the priority roads were Duns Road and Edinburgh Road followed by Haddington Road,

  2. Agreed that speed tables were probably the answer; meeting also agreed that it would be appropriate to install a traffic island before the bridge (over the Gifford Water) travelling out of village towards East Saltoun. The reason for this is that many drivers cut the corner over the bridge – the ability to do this facilitates speeding. (But would the road be wide enough at this point to accommodate lorries and farm vehicles?)

  3. The positioning of speed tables - ideally at the junction of Walden Terrace and the Duns Road and secondly on the Edinburgh road between the entrance to Forbes Lodge and Tweeddale Avenue. Nick Morgan confirms that Yester Estate has agreed to a new pedestrian access through the wall on the left hand side of the Edinburgh Road between Forbes Lodge and Tweeddale Avenue - allowing people access into the Estate – the speed table could go close to this access point allowing people to cross the road – from the Forbes Lodge side – into the estate. He pointed out that this possible speed table site is conveniently close to a street light, resulting in a lower speed table cost.

  4. Meeting agreed that a mini roundabout at the 3 way junction in the village (High Street, Duns Road and Haddington Road) and chicanes might greatly help to slow traffic in Gifford. Agreed that we would seek opinion from rest of GCC as to the merits of both.

  5. It was agreed that we should enquire from ELC about a 20mph speed limit for the village of Gifford.

  6. Meeting agreed that rumble strips before approaching the speed tables (from both directions) would help reduce speed to 20mph.


  7. It was agreed that the use of a consultant was not necessary for this project and that we would consult with the ELC’s Road Department throughout to ensure best practice and correct procedures. NB Meeting agreed that all these proposals are just possible solutions to the problem of speeding in Gifford and that we want to take these to the roads experts for consideration, comment and costing having obtained the agreement of the GCC to do that.

  8. Money:The meeting agreed that we should aim to obtain the agreement of the GCC to this minute before submitting this to the ELC for the approval of their transport roads department and the emergencies services. Only then would we consider how best to finance these traffic calming measures (it was agreed that the East Lothian Council Area Partnership Fund would be a good place to start). Meeting accepted that cost would be a constraint on implementation of anti-speeding measures. We would need to prioritise.

  9. Timings:

    It was agreed to press on with these traffic calming measures as quickly as possible. The first thing would be for the sub-committee to get the approval to their strategy from the GCC at the meeting on Monday 11th September at 7.30pm.
  10. There were no further points to discuss and the meeting ended.


Andrew Hamilton CTA DipPFS                                                                    4th September 2017



To residents of Gifford interested in traffic calming measures  the village of Gifford

Responding to the Community’s anxieties about speeding in the village, the GCC have been working on a plan to deal with this problem.

It began with a plea to the ELC to take the issue seriously.
The ELC – to their credit – implemented a week’s programme  at the beginning of the year to measure the problem.

Broadly speaking about 75% of drivers travel at between 30 & 45mph, i.e. they break the law.
Subject to the approval of police, ambulance and “fire” - AND money – these results ( no surprise to the residents of Gifford) are now the trigger for radical action. Such action must – in the view of the GCC – include physical impediments to drivers who break the law.

This includes a plan to introduce speed tables on the 3 roads in and out of Gifford. We are optimistic – but – forgive the pun - there is a long road to travel. We will keep you informed. If you have any suggestions or questions, please come to the next GCC meeting – May 8th, 7.30pm  in the Todrig Room (below the Gifford Community Hall).

The minutes of a recent meeting between 2 members of the GCC  - Nick Morgan & Andrew Hamilton – and 2 of the ELC Roads Department – are available:  HERE, (PDF)

(The ELC were most helpful) 


To whom it may concern,


Gifford Sports and Tennis Courts Feasibility Study


Moneys totalling £1,750 were raised to fund a feasibility study to see whether or not it would be possible to site an all-weather, multi-purpose sports facility, (including tennis), at Yester Primary School.


Three comprehensive quotes were received by the East Lothian Council and we selected the lowest one, (£1,750). The work was carried out and £1,750 was duly paid to the East Lothian Council on November 11th 2016.



A N Hamilton.

Honorary Treasurer,

Gifford Community Council November 28th 2016


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