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October  4th  

Derek Janes - Smuggling in East Lothian and Berwickshire c.1750 – 1790
Increased taxes covering the expense of the Napoleonic War had communities pursuing novel ways to “cheat the King” from his excise duty. Tea, Brandy, and Gin were the principle goods smuggled at this time.

This meeting will be preceded by last year’s postponed AGM.

October  18th

Prof Jas Mitchell - Is Holyrood Working? 
The costs involved in building and maintaining Holyrood and its members are enormous. Is it value for money? Has it made any material benefit to vulnerable members of society? Would the money have been better spent and administered from Westminster?

November  8th 

Jackie McCreery - Yester Dairy

Run by Simon and Jackie McCreery, operating alongside the family farm at Yester Mains. One of few remaining on-farm dairies in Central Scotland where the whole process from the cow to the fridge takes place. There is now also a very successful new cheese making facility

November  22nd                                       

Martin Baker - Climate Change – The Truth

Global warming is causing rapid melting in the Antarctic and ice core samples reveal the clearest link between levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and the Earth’s temperature. Rising sea levels are dangerous, what can be done to halt this process?

December  6th                    

Moira McFarlane  - British Consul in Florence

Providing assistance to British citizens in distress, helping British businesses and industries that are present in Italy and representing British cultural events are all in a day’s work. Living in Florence for seven years and having a close relationship with the local Florentines is an experience like no other.


January  17th                     

Euan Sandilands -  Poisons

Poisoning, deliberate and accidental, accounts for 1% of admissions to the RIE Poisons unit. A National database of poisons and their treatments is maintained. Recreational drugs “Legal Highs” amongst young people is increasing, the older generation also now contains many opiate addicts who overdose.

February  7th                         

Colin Wood - St Valentine’s Day Massacre and other colourful characters

Prohibition in the USA was associated with considerable violence almost exclusively among the mobsters. Many of these were quite unusual characters with most apt nicknames. Colin has an extensive knowledge of this era gained while working in USA.

February  21st                      

Cameron Ritchie - Senior Journalist at the East Lothian Courier

Cameron will inform us about the workings of the Courier, its importance and benefits to East Lothian. His own experiences in training and now reporting reveal some interesting stories. What does the future hold for newspapers?

March  7th                           

Arran Johnston – The Darien Scheme

This was an unsuccessful attempt by the Kingdom of Scotland to become a world trading nation by establishing a colony called "Caledonia" on the Isthmus of Panama. Its consequences left the entire Lowlands in substantial financial ruin and were an important factor in weakening their resistance to the Act of Union in 1707.

This Meeting will be preceded by the AGM


Outing  to the new V&A Museum on the Dundee waterfront


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